The Port Vila Judo club reopened its doors on October 2008, with multiple objectives:

- Developiping judo on Efate and throughout the Vanuatu

- Training of young competitors who could defend the colors of their country at the national and international level

- Establishing Judo and its values ​​in Vanuatu for the long term

- Organizing inter-club meetings in  Port Vila

- Promoting Judo in local schools

- Making judo accessible to all.

Our aim is to place the young ni-Vanuatu judoka at the center of all our actions. We have a deep desire to include in our judo classes an ethical and non-violent approach. That is why we have focused our activities on:

- Teaching French judo

- Regular training

- Arbitration

- First Aid

- Respect ​​of Judo and Olympic values

The results of these two years is more than positive with several historical moments. In 3 years, Judo has become more professional with a teacher from the French Judo Federation.

He organized groups of children who are growing. Adult judo started in 2009 and was an immediate success.

Sports results 2010-2011

First historic event for the federation two athletes were invited to participate in the world championships in Tokyo. In 2010, the same year we selected Annalyn Bani for the World Cup and Samoa where she won a very respectable 7th place

In 2011, during the Pacific Games, we won the first official judo medal in Vanuatu..

In 2011, we had two athletes selected for the World Championships in Paris.

Also in 2011, we received the Nouméa young adults for a weekend.

Sporting events 2012 / Tournaments

- The Oceania Championships in Cairns

- The London Olympics where we won a selection, another first for Port-Vila !

- Internships and competition in Noumea

- The Samoa World Cup.