Federesen blong judo blong Vanuatu participated for the fourth time in the Oceania Championship.

"Judo for all" is the motto of the Federesen Blong Judo Blong Vanuatu, for the first time a judo antenna of the FBJBV develops in the Village of Téouma under the cup of Joe Mahit every Saturday.

VANUATU has won four gold medals among a total of 10 medals in a very successful Oceania Judo Union Continental Open this week end – the first international competition held in Vanuatu.

It was also the last time athletes will get a chance to fight at an international level before the Van2017 Pacific Mini Games.

Among the gold winners were former Olympian and national champion Nazario Fiakaifonu, who won gold in the over 100kg class, while national coach Nicholas Monvoisin picked up his gold in the under 90 kg section, fellow national coach Florence Daoleuang won gold in the under 57kg class, and Marceau Rouvonne picked up gold in the under 73kg class.

The Open was held at the Warwick Le Legon, Port Vila on Saturday, November 11 with a tatami mat in the main hall.

Vanuatu entered the largest team with 14 men and two women.

Five other countries attended – Australia, USA, Hong Kong, PNG and a lone contestant from French Polynesia.Backing up after his three-month stint at a judo training centre in Budapest, Hungary, Joe Mahit was keen to test his improved skills and techniques.

The home town favourite made it to the bronze bout in the under 66kg section. However, he lost to Yuk Tina Lee of Hong Kong.

Mahit said he had learnt many valuable lessons from the weekend’s competition.

“The fight with Yuk wasn’t easy,’’ he said.

“It was an opportunity for me to see my real level and to see how far I can go.

“I’m here also thanks to my physical preparation and my hard judo sessions with my coach Florence Daoleuang.’’

Former Olympian and National Champion, Nazario Fiakaifonu ,29, said he also used the competition to test his skills.

“It was a big honour to fight in front of my people, but I have now recognised where I need to improve before the (Mini Pacific) Games.”

The competition was followed on Sunday with two-hour training sessions hosted by the Oceania Judo on the tatami at the conference centre.

During his bout Mahit, 25, injured his right shoulder. He missed Sunday’s training session, taking medical advice to rest and immobilise the shoulder.

Watching from the sidelines, Mahit said he must work harder and work through this set-back to be ready for the Games.

“It is the greatest honour to fight for your country and I will not let Vanuatu down,’’ he said.


Vanuatu has 1 competitor fighting in the world championship 2017.

Unfortunately, Joe Mahit lost against Ryan Vargas in -66 the 30/08/2017

You can see the video here


Three Days after the opening

of the Olimpic Games, 35 male judokas competed on  the 7th of August in the category of under 66kg.

It was Italian Fabio Basile's day, winning the gold medal.

He is a promissing judoka, at just 21 years of age.

Representing Vanuatu was Joe Mahit, Who began after the sixth fight and encounteres Jayme Mata of Aruba, who is ranked 195 in the world.

Mata trains in the Netherlands and he is an experienced judoka, having competed previously at the 2012 Olympics.

Nevertheless, Mahit took every chance to try and beat him. Straight away , Mahit was in control of Mata, offensive while standing and on the ground. Despite his strong performance, unfortunately for Mahit , at 2.46min Mata used a "Seoi" technique and Mahit was gently thrown onto his two shoulders on the tatami facing Mata. Mahit can be proud of his fight.

Experience is often that litlle something that makes the difference in such a great contest . Mahit needs to acquire experience by participating in other international competitions to improve his judo and gain more experience facing the giants in this category.

"I feel pretty well, Igave my maximum, I released for a few small seconds and at this leve, that is unforgiving. I was aggressive, during the 2 minutes and 30 seconds. I tried to do my judo. I was confident about my chosen tactics if I compare with the latest competitions that I have a little more experience, taht  I gained from my internship in Hungary for two months and the from participating in various international  tournaments, allowing me to improve my judo and to be  confronted with high-level judoka.

" I'm here also thanks to physical preration with Wright and my my hard judo sessions with my Coach Florence Daoleuang. Thank you their support. I hope for the next competitions, I will go beyond this and win some rounds or even a medal", Mahit said .

La Federesen Blong Judo Blong Vanuatu welcomes the annual national championship Vanuatu held September 13, 2014 at Exfol and saw the participation of 41 judokas on the tatami of Port Vila.

championnat national de judo à Port Vila 2014


Joe Mahit needed only 55 seconds to beat D’Arcy Rahming Jr (Bahamas) with Ipon Soe Nage.


The "Team" has been invited to meat the municipal council of Kendal over the famous "cup of Tea", after that they did a big training (2:30mn ! )


On June 23rd, Joe, R and M, our national judo team took off for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, GB.

Direction Kendal, à deux heures de Glasgow pour trois semaines de stage


Welcome to Stewart Brain, 6th Dan and former coach of the Australian national judo team.

In Port-Vila from 14/06/2014 to 22/06/2014

La Federesen blong Judo blong Vanuatu Would like to thank you all for your participation to our fundraising

Fête de la musique 2014 organisée par L'Alliance Française

We sold for 40000 Vatu of sandwich, cakes and soft drinks. This money will be use to buy the medals and other stuffs for the next national competition in September.

Thanks a lot to the team :  Joe, Rexly, Marie rose, Jean , Fancky, Ulric, Tom for their hard work this night.

Thanks a lot to Security Island Guard, Vaté Industrie and Alliance Française for their donations.

A big thanks to Laurence Bourdet and Leila Arêde Benohoud for the fantastics cakes.

And thanks and Bravo to Florence who managed and made everything happened.

The "Commonwealth games begin in July, Florence Daoleuang, Professor of Judo and DTN will be absent from July 14 to August 6.

Classes missed during this period will be replaced during the school holidays.

As part of the preparation for the Commonwealth Games team nationnale Vanuatu participate in the International competition in Auckland from 26 to 30 June 2014.

Professor Florence Daoleuang accompany Judoka and therefore will be omitted from June 25 to 30

Prices will therefore be displaced children:

Friday, June 27 will be replaced Wednesday, June 4 in the morning

Group 13.30 -14.30 begin at 8:30 until 9:30.

Group 14.30 - 15.30 start 9:30 to 10:30

Group 15.30 - 16.30 start 10:30 to 11:30

On Saturday the 8th of March, four judokas of the Vanuatu national team will participate in a major international competition in Brisbane. The competition has attracted entrants from all Australian states, New Zealand and Japan.

Vanuatu will be represented by Rexly Theuil under 66kg, Joe Mahit (who participated in the World Championships in Rio de Janeiro in August 2013) under 66kg, and new athletes to the Vanuatu Judo Team, Tom Willie under 73 kg and Jean Patunvanu under 73kg. These four team members (along with four others) have been long-listed for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Ted Drew and Florence Daoleuang, coaches of the national team, will accompany and assist the athletes during the tournament and subsequent one week training in Brisbane.

This will be the first of several tournaments and training opportunities overseas for potential judokas for the Glasgow Games. Six of the eight will represent Vanuatu in Glasgow.

This is part of a training programme which has been funded by the Glasgow Commonwealth Games via VASANOC leading up to the Games in July 2014.

Federesen Blong Judo Blong Vanuatu is appreciative of the assistance it has gained from the Commonwealth Games and VASANOC. The Team is training hard for Vanuatu.


Le 8 mars 2014, 4 judokas de l’équipe nationale du Vanuatu vont participer à une grande compétition internationale  à Brisbane