Welcome to Stewart Brain, 6th Dan and former coach of the Australian national judo team.

In Port-Vila from 14/06/2014 to 22/06/2014

Steward Brain 6eme Dan

Stewart Brain will take care for a week of the national team to prepare for the Commonwealth Games games, with his record he will bring his expertise to the Vanuatu's Judoka.

The national team knows Stewart methods : harsh and picky side in developing techniques particularly in the context of exchange between the club Brisbane and Vanuatu they still benefit from his experience as a former international competitor and his experience as a national coach.

Stewart in his career was an example in the Australian international judo competitor in 1974 - 1988 where in 1988 he participated in the Seoul Olympics where he finished fifth. In his record he won a medal at the Commonwealth Games in 1986, the Irish Open he won the gold medal in-71kg he participated in other international events between the Oceania countries where he won a medal.

He trained many judokas including Cathy Brain who was selected in three Olympic championships. Currently he focuses on Australian youth with the representation of the Australian team for the Commonwealth games, the Youth Olympics at the World Championships in Moscow. In order to make great judokas and make great champion who will represent Australia tomorrow.

The FJV would like to thanks the VASANOC for their help in making this event possible.