Three Days after the opening

of the Olimpic Games, 35 male judokas competed on  the 7th of August in the category of under 66kg.

It was Italian Fabio Basile's day, winning the gold medal.

He is a promissing judoka, at just 21 years of age.

Representing Vanuatu was Joe Mahit, Who began after the sixth fight and encounteres Jayme Mata of Aruba, who is ranked 195 in the world.

Mata trains in the Netherlands and he is an experienced judoka, having competed previously at the 2012 Olympics.

Nevertheless, Mahit took every chance to try and beat him. Straight away , Mahit was in control of Mata, offensive while standing and on the ground. Despite his strong performance, unfortunately for Mahit , at 2.46min Mata used a "Seoi" technique and Mahit was gently thrown onto his two shoulders on the tatami facing Mata. Mahit can be proud of his fight.

Experience is often that litlle something that makes the difference in such a great contest . Mahit needs to acquire experience by participating in other international competitions to improve his judo and gain more experience facing the giants in this category.

"I feel pretty well, Igave my maximum, I released for a few small seconds and at this leve, that is unforgiving. I was aggressive, during the 2 minutes and 30 seconds. I tried to do my judo. I was confident about my chosen tactics if I compare with the latest competitions that I have a little more experience, taht  I gained from my internship in Hungary for two months and the from participating in various international  tournaments, allowing me to improve my judo and to be  confronted with high-level judoka.

" I'm here also thanks to physical preration with Wright and my my hard judo sessions with my Coach Florence Daoleuang. Thank you their support. I hope for the next competitions, I will go beyond this and win some rounds or even a medal", Mahit said .