Federesen blong judo blong Vanuatu participated for the fourth time in the Oceania Championship.

It was represented, in the Seniors category, by our president and athlete Nicolas MONVOISIN in -90kg, by Cédric PHEU in 73kg, and by our national Olympian Joe Mahi (present at the 2016 Olympics) accompanied by Rexly THEUIL in less than 66kg.
To complete this table, our DNT and professor of the judo club of Port Vila Florence DAOLEUANG competed in less than 57kg and the promising hope of the FBJBV, Maxence CUGOLA, participated as for him in the category Cadet (1st year) in - 60kg.

Saturday, April 7, Maxence, for his first participation in a competition, opens the dance. If he knows how to be offensive, he unfortunately does not manage to reach the podium of the cadets.
Sunday, April 8, the senior competition starts with the under 73kg. Cedric leads the way and ranks 7th. Comes the -66kg, with Joe MAHIT, who is offensive but is forced to bow, due to a neck injury. Rexly THEUIL hoisted himself honorably on the third place of the podium.


We follow with less than 90kg. Nicolas gives everything, which is unfortunately not enough to reach the podium. The competition gives way to women. In the -57 kg category, Florence DAOLEUANG wins her first fight after 6 minutes 30 of effort, then fails in the final, which still allows her to get the silver.
It should be noted that for the first time since the creation of the Oceania Championship, an OJU team composed of Vanuatu, Nauru, Fiji, Guam, Samoa and French Polynesia, has emerged and proudly confronted with New Caledonia, Australia and New Zealand.
Following the competition, our athletes have followed an intensive course with the presence of David DOUILLET, redoubling their efforts in training. They are now preparing with determination for the upcoming competitions. There is therefore much to think that the judo Oceania, very promising, will still talk about him.


Congratulations to the Vanuataise team for its results and progress in the Oceanian judo! We thank the participants of the fundraising organized by the French alliance and our sponsors Pacific Coconut Oil, GIS Security and Pacific Suppliers for trusting us and for supporting the team's participation in this Oceania Championship. "