Following Vasanoc's advice, the Federesen blong Judo blong Vanuatu is temporarily cancelling all judo classes.

If no case of Corona Virus is detected in Vanuatu within the next 15 days, and if Korman Stadium is still open, judo classes will resume as usual. Look at our facebook page and on this website.

Safety first.

Please find bellow the transcription of the document sent to all the Sports Fédérations:


This Joint Statement is from Ministry and Department responsible for Sport, the National Sports Commission and VASANOC.

IN VIEW OF THE FACT THAT Vanuatu is a country that is passionate about Sport and in attending and participating in Sporting Events.
AND IN VIEW OF THE GOVERNMENT STAND to prevent COVID19 from entering and spreading in Vanuatu and calling for all responsible citizens of the country to help the Government in this stand.
AND IN CONSIDERATION of the Welfare and Health of our Athletes, Sport Officials, their families and the population of Vanuatu, at this time, being of greater importance than their involvement in
Sports and Sporting events.

WE ARE CALLING ON ALL National Sport Federations, their Associations, Leagues and Clubs Athletes and Officials and Sport Organizations and other non-sporting organizations that use sport in their programs to take immediate actions to help the Government manage COVID by stopping mass gatherings at sporting events that our athletes of officials participate in overseas or in Vanuatu.

TOGETHER WE AGREE on the immediate following actions, to be taken by National Sport Federations, their Associations, Leagues and Clubs, Athletes and Officials and Sport Organizations beginning from 20 March 2020 until further notice:

1). Cancel or postpone travel by Vanuatu Athletes and Sport officials to sporting events overseas;

2). Cancel or postpone local and international sporting events to be hosted in Vanuatu;

3). To require any Vanuatu athletes or sport officials, who are currently overseas and are yet to return to Vanuatu, to strictly follow the measures laid out by Task Force, on arrival;

4). All sporting venues owned by National Sport Commission, National Federations and others that host/organize sporting events, are to be closed for competitions and general events that will include general public;

5). To implement hand washing and disinfection practice and social distancing as advised by National Task Force and;

6). To liaise with Oceania and International Federations and Sport Organizations and closely monitor sporting events for updates regarding COVID19;

We also encourage all National Sport Federations and Sport Organizations in the country to ensure their Athletes and Officials follow ALL the preventative measures advised by the Task Force and establish clear and safe protocols for them to follow.
Together, we will help us prevent COVID19 from reaching and spreading in our beloved Vanuatu.

Further updates on our stand will be provided when more information is made available to us by the Government of the Republic of Vanuatu.

Ends - 4pm, 20 March 2020