Joe Mahit said

"Hi everyone this is where i do my running every morning from Monday to Friday, so we do 5 times running up and we sprints 5 times and last we carry our partner on our back tge way up , thats morning session and afternoon we do judo.

We do newaza (Ground techniques) 6 rounds for 5 mins and tashiwaza (Standing techniques) : we to 8 time for 5 mins for 2 set's for finishing we climb the rope for 15 mins but we alternate .

And Saturday we have morning judo randori

And sunday off"



Joe Mahit said :
"Hi Everyone, Hope you all are well. I have arrived into Japan safely and have now settled in. Saturday 30th March 2019 we got right into training with the rest of the oceania boys followed by a welcoming dinner that evening with my new Japanese coach.
From Monday to Saturday my trainings consist of morning runs, and judo in the afternoons, days where we are not doing judo we are doing weight training. Sundays are our days to rest.

Jo Naulu has organised our oceania team to get involved with the Ryugasaki community kids, this morning we had a 1 hour session with young kids followed by a welcoming lunch. Its been a great experience and also honour to have another country welcome the Oceania team"

March 30 at 9:14 AM

Thanks to ONOC Joe is on his way to japan to train and compete....
A big thanks also to VASANOC and Jo Naulu