"Judo for all" is the motto of the Federesen Blong Judo Blong Vanuatu, for the first time a judo antenna of the FBJBV develops in the Village of Téouma under the cup of Joe Mahit every Saturday.

Joe Mahit resident of Téouma is a top athlete who represented Vanuatu at the Rio World Championship in 2013, to participate in the 2014 Common Health Games in Glasgow and to participate in the Rio 2016 Olympics. A promising athlete but also a referee and judo teacher who hopes to share his passion in his community.

If you want to help develop children's judo and allow young people to learn, to acquire rigor, respect, trust, the FBJBV would be rewarding and honor your help to allow the development of Judo within different Vanuatu communities, including its development in the Village of Teouma, the Village of Pango, the Village of Erakor but also to allow the different Village of Efate to learn this discipline