28 september 2020 : INFORMATION

Self Defense fo women is canceled for now, see you on wendesday night if you want

The Vanuatu Judo Federation (FbJbV) will provide Self Defense classes for women (15years old and older)

Every Monday at 5 :30pm  at Korman 2

Come and try it !!

Public price: 500 vatu per class or 200 vatu (low income)

A supplementary amount of 3,500 vatu representing insurance and licence, must be paid by every class member for a year.

The payment can be made all at once at the beginning or in 6 instalments  in the first 6 months.

The Vanuatu Judo Federation is making continuos efforts to find sponsors to reduce the costs for students with low incomes.

Come with old, confortable clothes, big teeshirt and leggins or shorts are fine.

Jujitsu Classes are coming back,

Jujitsu Classes are 1500 Vatu per month (+ 3500 Vatu once a year for FBJBV registration and insurance)

For Judoka already paying their monthly fee for Judo, the JuJitsu classes are free.

The class begins at 17:30 every Wednesday, don't be late you would miss the fun.

Bring water and an old tee-shirt or a Judogi if you want to.

See you all at Stade Korman !!